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Green & Natural Services

Eco-friendly Funerals

If your loved one was passionate about the environment, or enjoyed nature and the countryside then an eco-friendly funeral may be a good option for their funeral.

We provide eco-friendly funerals to help you leave a lighter footprint on the environment. Natural burials use eco-friendly coffins and include a memorial donation to the woodland trust to continue to give back to the environment.

An Eco-friendly Funeral includes:

  • The services of a funeral director – the necessary administration and a full complement of staff/undertakers
  • The removal of the deceased from the place of death to our Chapel of Rest
  • Care of the deceased
  • Full viewing facilities at the Chapel of Rest
  • A solid pine coffin with fittings – three pairs of wooden handles
  • Inscribed name plate and taffeta interior (or another eco-friendly coffin of your choice)
  • A hearse and one limousine (seating up to six people)
  • An in-memoriam donation to the Woodland Trust

Become part of a coral reef

Even though cremation isn’t the most eco-friendly method, you can help make up for it by transforming your cremated remains into a reef ball. The world’s coral reefs are depleting fast – half of the Great Barrier Reef has vanished in the last 30 years.

Your remains could be used to support the ever-diminishing reef life, added to the concrete mix which is being used to encourage coral growth and give future generations the chance to enjoy the coral reefs.

Recycle yourself into a usable object

You can, within reason, choose to have your ashes transformed into almost any object. This could include a small diamond, a pencil, a vinyl record, a vase, wine – the list is potentially endless.

This form of memorial can be particularly poignant, as your ashes can be tailored into something your loved ones will cherish such as a favourite song, a beautiful ornament or even memorial jewellery.